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Title Pink Peppercorns, Premium Quality, Free P&P to the UK (50g)
Publisher Speedrange Ltd
label Speedrange Ltd
Type Misc.
Brand Speedrange Ltd
Price £3.76
Category Whole Spices & Herbs

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Our internet site is the specialist website for e-book things. We are supplying many titles of book that will load your tool.Whole Pink Peppercorns Pink peppercorns are the aromatic dried berries of the Brazilian and Peruvian peppertrees (now grown worldwide). Although not a true peppercorn, they have traditionally been given the name due to their intense, peppery flavour. Our ethically-sourced, whole pink peppercorns are bright in colour, have a pleasant aroma, and are perfect for use in a huge variety of recipes. Many gourmet cookbooks now frequently call on pink peppercorns as an additional or alternative to traditional pepper. Why not try making your own blend of pink and black peppercorns – infused with other spices – and sharing it with family and friends as a unique gift or showing off your cooking expertise? A bit about us… Speedrange are a family company that have been buying and selling commodities since 1985, with over twenty years’ experience in the herb and spice industry. Having worked directly with growers in Papua New Guinea and other parts of the Pacific, we are unique in having first-hand experience of sourcing only the best goods. What we’ll do for you… Want it there tomorrow? Let us know and for a little extra we’ll dispatch your goods out via next day delivery. In every case we aim to post same day delivery. We also offer a 14 day guarantee on all our products- if you’re not completely satisfied by your product, send it back to us and we’ll refund you (excluding the cost of original postage). That, this eBook is in finest problem as well as top quality.
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